Week3 update: Habits movement

If you do not want to read the full blog , below table summarizes my habit status which you can check out.

Green- Done,Red-Fail,Grey-Not applicable

Now lets speak about self development.. When can a person call himself/herself that they have improved ? is it when they are better than their peer? or is it when they feel they are better than their idol?

My Answer: If i feel better than myself compared to yesterday then i can proudly say i have improved. Why did i say that now? if have seen my calendar of Week2 the number of red blocks have reduced significantly, now thats a serious progress right?? Time to appreciate myself :).

Workout & Intermittent Fasting

As i mentioned in Week1 and 2 workout don’t have to be something which you see on youtube with dudes and dudettes lifting tons of weights and then flaunt their abs and muscles, as beginners start with couple sets fo push-ups or a walk for 30mins, or play a sport for couple of hours. This is exactly what i did and i can say they also work and you can feel the change in your body within couple of weeks. Slow and steady wins , all we have to do is just keep moving.

Yes there are 2 red blocks on IF section, i did wanted to avoid them but when you have farewell parties which go on late night and you are really exhausted you need to eat something right? so same was my case on 6th-August. And i going forward i would be making saturday as my cheat day where in i will not be following IF and will allow myself to celebrate the green blocks which gets achieved for the entire week.

Work Journal

Listing items to be accomplished on the task list and striking them of when its done is something which satisfies you a lot, as you don feel lazy and it makes you feel as lot productive and gets you good amount of free time. One observation is you get tired with lesser breaks and cant focus much in later half of the day , so i will be scheduling my breaks and try different methods to improve my productivity and journal everything. Even this week i used google sheets but for the next week am go the traditional way of writing things on Sticky notes.


I had an intense game of badminton for 2hrs straight on Saturday which exhausted and wanted to rest for the whole day, day was too tiring and was unable to read at all, except for one red block i read all the other days and can see the progress on the books on my kindly app, i never knew that spending 20-30mins a day can make you finish a book so soon, reading is not boring if you love what you read. 🙂

Final thoughts

When you are trying to improve yourself there would be too many distractions especially when you plan too many changes for your life style and since your will power is finite don plan to use it for all the things you want to finish in your day. Start working on your “Why” power which gives you different ways to keep moving then to stop.

Signing off for now,



Week2 update: Habits movement

If you do not want to read the full blog , below table summarizes my habit status which you can check out.

Green- Done,Red-Fail,Grey-Not applicable

As you see the table there are lot of reds this time compared to week1 , not because my will power is reduced but due to certain other factors. Lets dive in to know the details.


As you see the table i worked out only 1day in the week. This was not a gym session or a home workout it was a intense badminton game which had me burn a lot of calories. 1st half of the week was too hectic and i could not implement the changes which i wanted and hence was unable to workout.

I went on a road trip which had too much of driving due to which my workout and intermittent fasting went for a toss as the journey was a bit tiring and required a lot of energy. Since IF is still new for me had to get couple of cheat days else i don think i would have survived the tour with energy left. I still weight 91.7KG 🙂

Work Journal

Since i did not work on friday and this section is not applicable for the weekends only friday got missed but i do not see it as a skip. I still marked it as red just to ensure that i am more motivated for next week to keep everything green.


Even though i was traveling i was still able to get some reading time and feel really good about myself on this. Almost drove of 9+hrs on sunday and was really exhausted so that was the only day i skipped reading. Looking forward to keep in green thourghout.

If you wanna check out my travel experience of my weekend road trip click on the below link

Words for all of you

As one of my mentor(Sadia from Pickuplimes) always say, if you are starting something new take it at your own pace and do not rush and don get discouraged , after all change takes time 🙂 .

Until next week see you all.



Visiting Western ghats – After long time

It had been exactly 7months since I left my place and went on a road trip and was really bored of home-office-home routine and me and couple of my friends decided to visit the famous karst rock formations in Karnataka called as Yana.

So it was August 2nd of 2019 we left Bangalore at 8am (even though the plan was to leave at 7am as I work up late since my nephew and niece are too active in the night and din allow me to sleep well(babies never sleep in the night)

Even though the actual plan was to visit Yana we badly wanted to see world famous water falls in Karnataka known as “Jog Falls” so we headed towards shivmogga and witnessed the pleasant view of the beautiful falls.

It was not at its peak but still got a superior view of it.

You can never reach your actual destination on time specially if it’s a monsoon drive and you get multiple ideas on the way right? We couldn’t visit Yana that day and ended our day to stay at hotel Panchavati in Sirsi.

Hotel is really affordable and is clean , there is a restaurant just beside that and the food is really amazing ( no food photographers so no pics).

Day2: Our first aim was to reach Yana which was a 1.5hr drive from the hotel. Roads are good and the weather was divine untill last 10-15km where in the woad was really screwed up and rocks did hit the bottom of my car multiple times. Still the drive was worth…

Just after Yana was done. We headed towards the infamous but really amazing Mirjana fort . Drive was good with a bit of bad stretches but we reached there just around 1:00pm(lunch was still pending).

It was almost 3:45pm and we were damn hungry and had lunch at Kumta highway(don remember the hotel name) and moved to check out the beach view and the famous Murudeshwara temple.

Well it was time to end the day so we decided to halt at Kollur which was just an hour’s drive from here . Driving through last 20km to Kollur was heaven as the road was really smooth and was filled with greenery and cold breeze ( what’s else do you need) .

Day 3: You can’t miss visiting Mookambika temple if you are in kollur .

Took blessings from Mookambika and just after breakfast we left to reach home as it was a 8+hr drive.

Hope you all liked the post.

Week1 update: Habits movement

If you do not want to read the full blog , below table summarizes my habit status which you can check out.

Green- Done,Red-Fail,Grey-Not applicable


Now lets get into more detailed update.


So as you saw above the workout habit did not go as planned, i did not goto office on 22nd hence was able to hit the gym and workout well, but as i started working on IF,Journaling reading and working i was unable to include gym as a daily intake. In addition weather had least support for me in it as it was raining badly for the whole week.

I know it sounds like an excuse but ya that the fact and i have created plan to get it to green. If i am unable to hit the gym i will at least do 20-30 pushups and squats at home so that i am giving my body some workout. Also starting 1st of August me and my friend have planned to play badminton daily for at least 5days a week so that should give me some more health benefits.

Intermittent Fasting

I never thought i could finish the entire week since this was very big change i planned. I did face issues waiting till 1PM to have my first meal of the day but pushed myself bit by bit to ensure i accomplished it. Remember water is your best friend here, staying hydrated ensure you are a bit full and avoids cravings, i did add a glass of black coffee instead of breakfast to ensure i have some energy as well. Saturday is red since i took it as a cheat day(ate at 11am instead of 1PM) still kept it as red as i wanna make sure to have lesser cheat days. I weight 91.7Kgs as of 29th July 2019.

Work Journal

Tried multiple different ways to journal my daily tasks, Ex: Sticky notes, Google keep notes,To do in google sheets and i see all of them work in a similar way and i feel i was productive enough. For the next 7 seven days i am gonna stick to Google sheets to-do list and see how i am gonna feel at work. Of course you need to use any method for a longer duration to understand if its benefiting you or not right.


Except yesterday(Sunday) i did read for 15-30mins a day daily and feel really good as i did not do it in the past for such a long time. Yes this is my longest streak. Will start to schedule my reading time so that i don skip it and hope to finish at least 5books by end of the year.

Wont be updating anything about rejuvenations since its the only habit which fully green and will speak about it in end of the year.

Words for all of you

For all you folks who are starting something new in yourlife , do not get discouraged if you see any dip in your progress, stay consistent and do the thing daily or plan a alternate way and the results will be visible soon 🙂

Until next week see you all.



The Day I decided to change my lifestyle.

Its 22nd of July 2019 and this is the day where i have decided to make some major changes to my lifestyle.

I have heard a lot of motivational speakers and fellow bloggers and you tubers say that you can’t make multiple changes to your lifestyle in one go as you will fail badly and end up in a worse situation than you are currently in. I am gonna list out the changes which i will be making from now on and will leave it to you folks to decide if they are major or minor, parallel to that i will update my journey here with all the hits and misses which i went through ( Steps to correct them if possible) so that you can adapt the same and become the best version of yourself 🙂 .

What are the things I am adding now?

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Workout
  • Journaling
  • Reading
  • Rejuvenation

Why am I making these changes?

Now each of the above change have a reason why I added them to the list and I am gonna explain all of them now. Lets start looking at them one by one.

Intermittent Fasting and Workout

So i am regular day jobber who sits for 8-9hours in front of the computer and stay lazy and binge watch TV after working hours , so obviously i can’t expect to have a body like Chris Hemsworth right. I always wanted a good body and had hit the gym several times but was never consistent ( Either i skipped the workout or failed to maintain the diet).

The inconsistency resulted in increased fat and weight. Me and my colleagues started playing badminton on Saturdays recently and i was able to play for 2hours in the doubles section but failed misreably when it came to singles. I was breathing heavily and was stopping just in 20mins into the game which made me really sad.

After a bit of research no the internet i found that working out consistently(5 days a week) and trying Intermittent Fasting are one the best ways to improve physical fitness, so i am about to give them try now. Below is my current weight( Just missed a century by 8Kgs).

Am almost 100kilos , badly need to shed some fat.


Who doesn’t like to have a well organized day to day life? No one right, same is applicable for me as i always tend to stay late in office by not knowing what i am working on and having missed multiple emails which were leading to escalation. So from past 2 weeks i was writing down all the tasks which i am supposed to do on a given day on a sticky note and strike them one by one as the tasks got over and observed that i was finishing the work way before 6PM 🙂 .

Adding a work journal will definatily be a better option than the piece of sticky note as this is more organized and will be handy for future . Also i loved the bullet journaling vide by Matt Ragland inspired me so much that i am planning a similar approach. You can check out his video by clicking this link.

Template of my journal planned for August 2019. Using an old dairy rather than buying a new one 🙂


I don think i need to explain this much since everyone knows reading is one of the best habits to build for self development. In my case i was always a average student and used to get bored within 10mins of reading anything and was always skipping lines while studying and had never thought of any impact in long run.

Now that my works requires me to read long documents and going forward i need to write longer docs this is one area which is gonna help me improve myself mentally, improve my vocabulary and my writing skills since i will be familiar with different kinds of writing(Thanks to all the great authors who are helping me here)


Now this is a very habit compared to the ones above as this one word includes a lot of changes like practicing gratitude , no watching porn , having some me time, learning something new to keep me busy , writing a blog etc. I have plan to create a separate blog post for this section alone and will keep you guys updated on it.

Thats all about what i have planned to improve myself and making it public so that i know all of you guys are tracking it for me and i will ensure not to fail this time.

Thanks for reading,

Signing off,

Your LonelyMinimalist

Little ride for the lovely Dosa 

The Plan

Riding a motorcycle on weekend even for a short distance makes you forget the hectic long week of workload. It was a regular friday evening and everyone we’re moving out of office to enjoy their personal time with their loved ones except the person who wrote this 😁!!! Yup that’s me.

6:30pm and you get a message from a fellow colleague for a short motorcycle ride 😎😎.

Corporate folks always have too much work during year end but we shouldn’t ignore personal life . After a short chat the destination moved from hampi to THE Davangere the birth place for “BENNE DOSE“.

A wise man(author of his post) always said “When the road calls , never say no for a ride “

Just before the sun rise and just after the alarm beeped…

Got up at 4:30 am and after freshing up I called the person who created the trip but the guy answered the call only at the end of 2nd ring which implies he is late for the ride .

You get ready faster if he thing which re about to do is gonna spark joy to you. The guy turned up at 5:30am at parle factory on Tumkur road.

Note: he din booze last night 😁.

After a quick chat and quick drink( chai)

Turned on the motorcycles revved hard on the beautiful NH4 to stop at the famous Shree Guru Kotteshwara dose hotel to enjoy 3 yummy and crispy benne dose and a hot cup of strong filter coffee. Adding to this we had good view of the beautiful future doctors moving in and out of the medical college which is right in front of the hotel.

Gossips always add up to make the ride breaks more interesting especially if it’s about the office folks. Done with dose done with coffee and now !! It’s time to come back home.

Got on to horses and started to hit the highway, overtaking the cars and trucks to make a snake way on the highway to reach back home by 1:20PM.

Thanks for reading

Your LonelyMinimalist signing off 😃